Reasons for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a very common concern that is not considered a true medical problem through the medical community. In accordance with WebMD, 30 to 70 percent of adult men report experiencing PE within their lifetime. Although PEis a subjective description, most doctors agree that it's based on capable of control ejaculation long enough to sustain the sexual needs of one or both partners. Factors behind premature ejaculation can be either physical or psychological, plus it doesn't mean a problematic medical condition.

reasons for premature ejaculation

1. Physical Causes of PE
o Because the sexual process is complex and involves not merely the sexual organs, but the brain and nerves also, the exact physical mechanism behind premature ejaculation is tough to isolate. Based on the Male Health Center, research in the 1990s demonstrated that the pelvic musculature was sometimes hypersensitive in males who experience frequent Pe The subjects of study put together to be more responsive to vibratory stimulus of penile and pelvic tissue. Serotonin and serotonin receptor sites are also found to try out an integral role in ejaculatory control. Inside a study of mice in the University of Nijmegen, inside the Netherlands, researchers found out that mice treated with a serotonin blocking agent were prone to faster ejaculation than untreated mice. As it is has been discovered that antidepressants like Prozac that act on serotonin receptor sites may cause delayed ejaculation, some doctors are using antidepressants to take care of Pe.

reasons for premature ejaculation

Psychological Reasons behind Ejaculation problems
o As it had been revealed that serotonin, that is accountable for mood regulation, has an effect on ejaculatory control, many psychologists theorize how the male ejaculatory response may be affected by mood, stress and also childhood trauma. Performance anxiety, a situation of mental agitation over one's sexual prowess, might also give rise to PE. In accordance with Medlibrary, inside a study done in 1999 on young couples, researchers found out that men have the shortest ejaculation inhibition time throughout the female's most fertile phase, showing that the larger biological picture of procreation might be associated with ejaculation timing.
Medical Causes
o Based on Blue Sheild of Massachusetts, there are a few serious medical ailments that could cause early ejaculation being a side-effect or symptom. Although rit is are, early ejaculation may be associated with ms, nerve damage, neurological disorders and merely any extremely sensitive penis.
o Premature ejaculation is entirely unrelated towards the condition impotence problems, for which there are many pharmaceutical along with other treatment options. Many cases of early ejaculation would not have a fundamental physical or psychological disorder, and could be considered normal if they occur infrequently.
Solving Ejaculation problems
Because so many from the reasons for ejaculation problems are often related to mood and muscle control, there are many steps you can take to avoid or turnaround for the problem. Both "stop and start" technique--which involves stimulation to the point of near-orgasm then stopping for 30 seconds and repeating--and the squeeze technique--which involves stopping lovemaking and pinching the top of the penis until arousal subsides after which starting over--are recommended by Blue Shield of Massachusetts as methods to build muscle control. Additionally they recommend while using the woman-on-top position, since it is less stressful for that man and could decrease performance anxiety.


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